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New Finnish translations for Plone 4

Today I committed last modifications to Plone Finnish translations to Plone collective. Overall there were quite a lot of things to translate as Finnish translations were reviewed last time over 2 years ago when Plone 3 first time appeared.

Plone has developed quite a lot since that and 3.x branch has had missing translations for Finnish users far too long (and still has - I made translations for the 4.x branch only). One thing what troubles me is that I'm not entirely happy about all the translations I made. For some words I found it damn difficult to try find the same - or at least almost the same - expression from Finnish dictionary. The expression power of our language isn't just there yet and trying to browse how people have translated same words in other projects proved the case. There just aren't Finnish equivalent words for the certain English words. What those difficult words were then? Here's few ones popping in my mind: commit, checkout, revision, portlet. I…