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About this blog and the writer

I should knock down the barriers and finally put some content to this blog. I intend to make this as my technology biased blog partly as a reminder for myself about things and problems I've encountered and hopefully also solved.

About me... I'm Finnish information technology science student currently writing my masters thesis about web site usability. To be exact I'm doing research about usability of Ajax based web applications. My intention is to get some data if much hyped myth that Ajax applications have better usability have actually some ground in it. My research application is Plone web CMS (Content Management System) which is probably best open source web CMS currently available.

Reasons for me picking this certain web application is my backgrounds as a Plone developer in University of Jyväskylä. I've been working with Plone since Autumn 2006 and in that time I've managed to do quite a few things with Plone from translating ready products to developing new ones. Products in Plone are basicly different containers for different types of publications (eg. News, Events etc.) which have specific content, workflows and views. Since Plone 3.0 Plone got some more Ajax-stuff behind it which makes it perfect research application for me. University of Jyväskylä is using currently Plone 2.5 which isn't using heavily any Ajax-stuff. This makes them a perfect usability comparsion target for my research.

Well that's about my masters thesis. I'm going to use this blog for posting stuff about stuff I encounter in my work and hobbies. It may be about Plone, but also about other web technologies or programming as well. Or just about latest TV-show I've seen.

Now I'm going to go back to my masters thesis. Good byebyes!

Popular posts from this blog

Plone 4, ZEO and supervisor

This post belongs also to the "lessons learned" category.

With Plone 3, ZEO and supervisor combination you've probably configured your supervisor to start plone instances by running $BUILDOUT/parts/client1/bin/runzope.

Problem is that with Plone 4 your $BUILDOUT/parts/client folder doesn't contain anything else than etc folder. You know starting instances by targeting supervisor to use $BUILDOUT/bin/client1 fg doesn't work like you'd expect (supervisor would control the client1 script - not the actual plone process).

My colleague Jussi Talaskivi figured that using 'console' argument instead of 'fg' for bin/client1 script should do the trick. With 'console' argument stopping, starting and restarting Plone 4 instances with supervisor works like a charm.

Below is full example of working supervisor configuration.

[buildout] parts = supervisor [supervisor] recipe = collective.recipe.supervisor port = 8200 user = xxxx password = xxxx pr…

Plone RPM deployment

It's been ages since I wrote my last post. I guess now it's time to make that up with post about Plone deployment. In a last few months I've had chance to invest part of my time at work to develop our Plone deployment model and since there hasn't been that many posts about the subject I thought I'd share my experiences for the community.

Before I get to the details here's some background information about the environment I've been dealing with. I'm working at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Our university is a heavy weight Plone adopter here in Finland. Plone is in use by every faculty and department. We have about 500 - 700 content managers and about 50 - 60 separate Plone instances. Our front page gets about 2 - 3 million hits page views / month. The important information in previous data is the amount of instances. 50 - 60 is just my estimation about our current status and that amount is increasing every year. I'm sure you got the idea so I&…

Speed comparsions between Plone and Wordpress

Jon Stahl wrote recently a blogpost about Plone being three times faster than Dropal, Joomla and Wordpress. We had a small discussion about this in my workplace and as my colleague pointed out this wasn't a really that comprehensive test that you could state Plone being 3 times faster than it's competitors. This seemed a bit unfair test considering how fast this has been spread in tweet/blogosphere, so I decided to repeat the test with a bit more critical viewpoint.

What's wrong in the original test? No one would consider opinion poll with 10 answers nowhere near trustworthy - it's all the same with requests. I didn't want to put up all the cms so I just set up second best (Wordpress 2.9.1) and compared that to my Plone development site (4.0a3). As a comparsion I did the first test with same ab command Jon used and my iMac gave following results:

Wordpress: 7.13 requests / second
Plone: 17.10 requests / second

So far we have clear winner and Jons data holds up... almos…