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About this blog and the writer

I should knock down the barriers and finally put some content to this blog. I intend to make this as my technology biased blog partly as a reminder for myself about things and problems I've encountered and hopefully also solved.

About me... I'm Finnish information technology science student currently writing my masters thesis about web site usability. To be exact I'm doing research about usability of Ajax based web applications. My intention is to get some data if much hyped myth that Ajax applications have better usability have actually some ground in it. My research application is Plone web CMS (Content Management System) which is probably best open source web CMS currently available.

Reasons for me picking this certain web application is my backgrounds as a Plone developer in University of Jyväskylä. I've been working with Plone since Autumn 2006 and in that time I've managed to do quite a few things with Plone from translating ready products to developing new ones. Products in Plone are basicly different containers for different types of publications (eg. News, Events etc.) which have specific content, workflows and views. Since Plone 3.0 Plone got some more Ajax-stuff behind it which makes it perfect research application for me. University of Jyväskylä is using currently Plone 2.5 which isn't using heavily any Ajax-stuff. This makes them a perfect usability comparsion target for my research.

Well that's about my masters thesis. I'm going to use this blog for posting stuff about stuff I encounter in my work and hobbies. It may be about Plone, but also about other web technologies or programming as well. Or just about latest TV-show I've seen.

Now I'm going to go back to my masters thesis. Good byebyes!

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Domain name registration through Google - when things go wrong.

Not too many people know, that you can register new domains through Google. This can be done when you're registering for Google Apps Standard Edition which is free and somewhat stripped version of their Google Apps Premium Edition. Latter one is tailored more to suit business needs.

With $10/year prize tag it's not cheapest option, but you'll get "private domain registration to protect against spam at no extra cost, full DNS control and domain management, automatically configured to work with Google services, email, calendar, instant messaging, web pages and more also at no extra charge".

As a comparsion GoDaddy offers .org domains at $14.99/year so it's actually not that bad offer. Google actually is just collecting the data and sending it to their partners (godaddy, enome) which does the registration. I decided to give it a try at January 11th. To my big surprise things didn't went that smoothly. It's been now one week since my order - the domain I …

Usability and Plone

I've seen in here and there someone mentioning that usability of Plone is very good. Lot's of people - me included - like the fact that in Plone you don't have separate content management interface compared to some of Plones rivals. That counts for something when we're talking about good usability. Still that is only one quite small part of the whole picture. So what else is there? What do people like in Plone and where are the rough edges for end users? If general consensus is that Plone does have good usability, where is the actual proof of that?

On I found one page in developer documentation mentioning following: "Plone differentiates itself on usability. The intuitiveness of the user interface is what attracts people to Plone the most."

I interpret this sentence meaning about the "one view for all" approach. What bugs me in this is that this whole sentence about good usability is about how the UI works compared to Plones competitors. S…

Whiskers - a tool for keeping track of your buildouts

Few years ago I released a first version of Whiskers together with buildout.sendpickedversions. It's about the time to push new version out.

What is Whiskers?
Whiskers is a Pyramid web application which stores information about your buildouts so that you don't have to manually check what they contain. All the data to Whiskers is transferred by buildout.sendpickedversions - an buildout extension which keeps track of packages your buildout uses and sends the data in json-format to Whiskers-server.

Reason for Whiskers?
Main reason for me to develop Whiskers was based on the need of knowing what packages I have in our servers. I'm working at the University of Jyväskylä and part of my job is to maintain our Plone instances. We have about 100 Plone instances with slightly varying setup. If we needed a new version of some specific package it meant lots of work to have a list of Plone-sites which needed the update. With Whiskers I know what to update after few clicks.

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